An Application of Romans 14 to the Present Distress

“Let us therefore follow after the things which make for peace, and things wherewith one may edify another.” {Rom 14:19}

             As we have begun to deal with our instruction of equity we have had two major instances thrust upon us in which to shew godly equity.  What is equity? And, what are the two major instances? 

Equity isn’t only that which is just, but that which is fair and impartial in our dealings with others.  Equity exceeds impartiality and fairness by seeking that which is good, profitable, and beneficial for others.  My concern isn’t what is happening without, but within our church.

The two major instances have been the Coronavirus (COVID-19) and the peaceful protests and riots due to the brutal killing of George Floyd.  The arena in which we are to express equity, is in contrary opinions and thoughts of and about these matters.  Opinions and thoughts not about whether sin is sin, but in our surmising’s of “what really is happening”, as we can all come to different conclusions

Churches are split due to amounting frustration from the decisions being made or not made from church leaders.  Church members in the name of American liberty are putting pressure on churches to reopen and in some instances to completely disregard governor ordinances or certain health recommendations.  Other church members are ridiculing their leadership for even thinking about reopening.  What is missing?  Godly loving equity.

Without question what happened to George Floyd was murder; however, the protests and riots have been another matter of strife and contention among church members.  We are to rightly identify sin and reject any notion of our acceptance or approval of it.  The same goes for the riots which we now know because of Romans 13:13 are works of darkness, that breed confusion toward Satan’s objectives.  At the time we learned that “rioting and drunkenness” (literal drunkenness, but also drunken in thought) we noted they are particularly aimed against “the ordinance of God” to restrain violence on the earth.  To this we can agree; however, it is the other surmising’s we have about the situations that can lead to strife and disputations, causing divisions and schisms in the body of Christ.  What is missing?  Godly loving equity. 

When we prove the will of God we are able to see the application of it in all things and work together good.  Opinions and thoughts do matter; however, when they are those that originate from the wisdom of this world or doubtful we are not to hold them as gospel, especially when they are void of the gospel; therefore, they are matters to express equity in.  In other words we follow after the things which make for peace and meekly provide sound doctrine. 

I am thankful for the effectual working of God’s Word in you.  For the most part I have witnessed equity being manifest toward each other and in conversation toward each other.  In fact, I believe it is the only solution to not divide over these things, that is, to continue to love each other with the godly love we have been learning in Romans 12-15.  How fitting to have learned these things for such a time as this!  May we continue to shine with the armor of light that God has given us by His Word and be thankful that we are “awake”!

Look Up,

Josh Strelecki, Pastor-Teacher  

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