Abound in the God of Hope

“Now the God of hope fill you with all joy and peace in believing, that ye may abound in hope, through the power of the Holy Ghost.”

~ Romans 15:13 ~

Preparation, diligence, and wisdom are critical for the son and daughter of God and their walk after the Spirit.  The Spirit leads us and teaches us in preparation for our walk, therefore, we ought to read and study.  He exhorts us to be diligent in applying or proving His will in all things, therefore, we are to be faithful.  God made Christ to be unto us wisdom and thus we are provided for in preparation to be faithful; however, oftentimes our failure isn’t because we weren’t prepared or for a lack wisdom. 

The temptation to faint and become slothful in living godly in Christ typically is rooted in our eyes set upon our own hope.  If our hope is earthly and temporal we can easily lose strength and zeal.  Moreover, this loss leaves us vulnerable to be easily enticed with the world’s earthly and temporal hope and gain.  Worldly hope isn’t provided for by God’s grace, isn’t blessed, or good.  Worldly hope naturally is the fulness of our fleshly, selfish desires; hence, why we can be so easily enticed.  Even when worldly hope is satisfied, due to its temporary construct, we are left empty and frustrated.  What we once thought promised peace, joy, and satisfaction we find defeat, bitterness, and disappointment.  Instead of strength and zeal, attainment of worldly fulfillment reveals weakness and apathy.  Paul states, “if in this life only we have hope in Christ, we are of all men most miserable.”

Hitherto, God’s sons and daughters are not absent of hope.  God doesn’t simply grant us an everlasting supply of worldly, temporal hope, but rather He freely furnishes us with “good” and “blessed” hope. 

Although there are many facets to His hope, conclusively, He grants Himself.  He is THE GOD OF HOPE.  As such where else can we go?, to whom can we turn?  The hope that proceeds from Him is naturally godly and eternal, it is a better hope.  The product of His hope is plentiful and its power manifold.

The product of being “in hope” by the God of hope sees eternal life, the redemption of the body, victory of righteousness, deliverance of the whole creation, and the unsurpassing glory of God.  Hope with its grandeur presently yields its manifold power.  To name a few -strength, gladness and joy, peace, comfort.  Hope therefore is an anchor for the soul, if you will. 

Preparation, diligence, and wisdom are necessary and granted; however, hope stabilizes and bestows a longevity.  For as we learn of what “hope” consists of, we yearn for it and sensing its’ weight we become patient, and understanding its glorious fulness we endure gladly this momentary life.  Moreover, when we are tempted to faint in His cause with us, not because of preparation, diligence, or wisdom but because of the infirmity of the flesh we must look to Him and His things where flesh and blood cannot inherit and believe the God of hope and His abundant hope to fill us, that we may abound in hope.  With such eyes of understanding enlightened to victory, glory, and reward we can walk, even run, the course He has set before us.   

Look Up,

Josh Strelecki, Pastor-Teacher

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