The Counsel of His Will of All Things

The Father of our Lord Jesus Christ appointed the Word heir of all things. All these things are in the bosom of the Father and would be represented by the Word and Wisdom before the earth ever was. Christ, the express image of God’s person, the brightness of His glory, and all the fulness of the Godhead would dwell in Him bodily. The living God must have an inheritance for He would never die, but all things would be forever intertwined with the inheritance the Father gave to the Son. The lively inheritance would include all things. All things comprise the eternal purpose in Christ being brought forth from the will of God. These things “of Him” possessed by Him brought up by His will, foreknowledge, purpose, predestination, and mind determined by the heart of His counsel would consist in both Word and deed. This mind of Christ established by His determinate counsel was set up, prepared, and ordained. The mind of the Lord of all things, supernaturally necessitated (meaning that which is consistent with His essence and purpose) that fulfillment must be “through Him”. The Word wouldn’t simply be a hearer of that which is to be expressed, but the doer.

The eternal purpose in Christ that God determined, prepared and ordained supernaturally set up Christ as preeminent. He would be before all things, all things would be for Him, and by Him, all things would consist. These things would be created by Him. These things would be creatures. Creatures made for Him. Creatures made to be conformed to His image, that He would be firstborn among them. Creatures with whom He would share His glory. Such glory would be expressed in higher powers stemming from THE POWER. Government stems from the mind of the Lord as offices of principalities, powers, mights, thrones, dominions, and many other names to be named, in which, serve as the context, a context reflective of His glory, to most express His glory. Such government would be set up in heaven and on earth. Christ would create these creatures and dispense authoritative offices to them. He would do so as the means to carry out the Father’s will. Therefore, all things wouldn’t simply be “of Him” dwelling in Him, yet never coming to fruition: nay, He would yield to the Father’s will and it would come to pass “through Him”. Wherefore, the Word would “speak” and it would be so. The Father’s will would be done by the Word, the choicest means of doing His will. All things would be created by Him and for Him according to the counsel of the Father’s will to the praise of His glory.

Yet, there would be something known by the foreknowledge of the Godhead, that would come forth from natural consequences of the Godhead creating in Their image after Their likeness. Creating creatures without those creatures being equal to all the essence of God’s Godness would contain possibilities of which He knew the outcome. Something else would come forth, known by the foreknowledge of God that would not be “of Him”. Another set of “things” contrary to His will, that is sin, death, corruption, mortality, bondage, and much more. Wherefore, in the determinate counsel of the Godhead wisdom dwelt with prudence. Moreover, further wisdom was determined in love to redeem and reconcile that which would need be. Redemption and reconciliation are the means to the end of that which was ordained first. Not one obstacle wasn’t thought of. All contrariness would be carefully provided for. Laws would be established to manifest God. And all enemies would be permitted for by the end of the worlds He would have the fulness of His inheritance dwelling in wisdom with no need of prudence. All rebellion would shew the deep, broad, high, and length of His worth, glory, and love. Redemption – the brainchild of the Godhead’s foreknowledge would be willingly yielded to by the Word. “Send Me Father! Who will go for Us? In love I will die the death that You may have Your delight, that you may have Your good pleasure and it will be My good pleasure to provide for it.” Eventually, the only begotten would veil His glory with poverty that through His poverty we could participate in the riches of His grace to be redeemed and reconciled to the good pleasure of His will eternally purpose in Christ that we would finally be glorified together. As redeemer and firstborn from the dead, Christ would remain preeminent and all would be to the praise of His glory.

Therefore, all things which would include redemption would be “of Him, and through Him, and to Him…to Whom be glory forever. Amen.”

Look Up,

Josh Strelecki, Pastor-Teacher

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