That Epic J.C. O’Hair Poem


“The God of all grace” is a wonderful name:
What a privilege it is, His grace to proclaim;
To tell forth the gospel at home and abroad,
To teach guilty sinners the great love of God.

How He planned it in heaven, to send from above
His bosom Companion, the Son of His love,
To live among sinners, to die on the tree,
To receive Divine judgment for you and for me.

What love and what mercy! What infinite grace!
Christ Jesus was willing to die in our place.
Then God sent the Spirit to convict us of sin,
To make us new creatures and abide then within.

Grace excludes boasting, religion or deeds;
Provides for the sinner all that he needs.
In Christ we’re accepted, complete in God’s Son;
Saved without doing, by the work He has done.

Not by man’s wisdom, endeavor or plan;
How utterly futile the best work of man!
Because Christ was sinless God can be just
And justify freely all who will trust.

And all who trust Jesus of glory are sure,
Preserved by God’s power, forever secure.
For Christ, in God’s presence, appears for His own
And makes intercession as He sits on God’s throne.

And sealed by the Spirit who abides all the way,
The believer is waiting for that glorious day;
When the blessed Lord Jesus shall in glory appear;
The day of redemption! We wonder how near!

Then all that is mortal no longer shall be,
In glorified bodies our Lord we shall see.
And if we are faithful, with Him we shall reign,
For our labours in Jesus shall not be in vain.

With such grace abounding, such power Divine!
Why do we falter, doubt or repine?
And why do lost sinners remain in their state
Condemned now already and hereafter such fate?

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