God’s Riches | Redemption their Depth, Adoption their Height

Redemption is the transaction of the riches of God’s grace imputed to the bondage and ransom you are naturally under, so you may receive the adoptions of sons and all the spiritual blessings thereof. Redemption is the depth of God’s love, the depth of His grace whereas adoption is the height. Redemption is God’s means to His predestination unto the adoption of sons that you would be “holy and without blame before Him in love”.

The laws of redemption concerning God’s Son, the Lord Jesus Christ were determined within God’s counsel before the world began. The fulness, both all spiritual blessings and the means of their obtainment, that is, redemption would both be in Christ. Redemption would not only manifest the depth of God’s great love but would be our access into God’s eternal purpose in Christ, thus the foundation upon which God would have “His inheritance in the saints.”

The redemption we have in Christ Jesus by God’s grace would be the provision to abound toward us. The exceeding riches of His grace will be praised by those in Christ Jesus as we experience their abundance in the life to come. Currently, God’s abounding grace toward us is experienced by knowing what He has made known of them. By what He has made known unto us in all wisdom and prudence the eyes of our understanding are further enlightened. Our walk by faith becomes all the surer and more confident as we wait for Him from heaven with bated breath.

It is the riches of His grace, and His all wisdom and prudence, and His great love that Paul later in the epistle refers to as the supply of the Spirit to be strong in. It is the exceeding greatness of His mighty power we are to be strong in.

God counseled it, He willed it, He provided for it, He works all things after it. He will finish it through His Son the Lord Jesus Christ. What good hope through grace! Set your affection above upon it!

Look Up,
Josh Strelecki, Pastor-Teacher

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