Christ Is All

For many finding the center of their lives is troubling. Is it this or is it that? One day it’s this and another day it’s that. Chasing that which brings us feeling no matter what it is or at what cost is a painstaking endeavor. Uncertainty, apathy, and despondency oftentimes results. The soul is designed to have one object of its affection and all things pass through its access or don’t pass at all. When anything becomes the object of our soul’s affection we presume upon the soul and fill it with that which is alien and unclean making many things that are to be used to worship God as gods. Many grope in the darkness of their lusts attempting to find peace, happiness, and their next feeling fix. When it doesn’t come, they are left to depression, anxiety, and despair. How do we know what is to fill us? How can we end the vicious cycle of disappointment?

God has a plan. God had faith in His Son and first trusted in Him from before the world began. Jesus Christ is in the bosom of the Father. The good pleasure of the Father’s will is purposed in Christ Jesus. The fulness of the entire Godhead is in Christ Jesus. The center of God is in the express image of His person. The fulness of God will see all things in Christ. Thus, to God Christ is all and His fulness will see Christ in all. Therefore, if Christ is the center of the Father’s will ought not Christ be our center?

In the dispensation of the fulness of times the eternal purpose of God in Christ Jesus will be realized. All things will be gathered together in Christ. The things are one in principle, but plural in its manifestation. In principle the framework of God’s glory is revealed in authority, headship, government. He is the Godhead, above all, high and lifted up. In part, we can measure His authority by virtue of His authority in correlation to that which is created. Christ created all authority to reflect the glory of the Godhead and to share in that glory with creatures in Him. He created principalities, powers, mights, thrones, dominions, and others. They were created by Christ and for Christ. Christ is the firstborn of every creature and the firstborn from the dead thus preeminent in His creation. He is the head of all things and far above all authority on earth and in heaven.

The details of the preeminence of Christ give us vivid detail of not only Christ’s excellency but as the focal point of the Father. Therefore, Christ should be in our mind and lives before all. Christ should be our center and focal point. Christ should be the object of our heart affection. Christ should be our all.

Thus, when we set our affection upon Him, we elevate our lives to where He is in heaven. We come to know His love, His righteousness, His comfort, His peace. We come to know fulness of joy and pleasures for evermore because we know the One at God’s right hand. We will come to know now what we will know always that Christ is all.

Look Up,

Josh Strelecki

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