My View of Calvinism


1. Makes God the author of sin.

2. Cheapens the grace of God by limiting it’s scope.

3. Populates the planet with a majority population of un-redeemable un-men like creatures who were created by God as “vessels of wrath fitted to destruction.”

4. Denigrates faith by teaching that regeneration precedes faith.

5. Falsely teaches that faith is the gift of God rather than salvation.

6. Takes what should be the RESULT of salvation and makes it the REQUIREMENT of salvation.

7. Denies the truth of the two natures in a believer.

8. Denies a literal 1000 year millennial reign of Christ on earth.

9. Denies the truth of generic nature of the word “church” (requiring a modifier) and by doing so falsely identifies Israel and the Body of Christ as being the same church.

10. Denies the principle division in scripture of Prophecy vs., Mystery

11. Makes no distinction between Israel (little flock) and the Body of Christ.

12. Attempts to appropriate Israel’s covenants for the Body of Christ.

13. Makes no distinction between the Gospel of the Kingdom and the Gospel of the Grace of God.

14.Makes no distinction between the Apostleship of Peter and that of Paul.

et al

2 Comments Add yours

  1. Bob Picard says:

    Amen,Hal. One of the things that many stumble over is that “so called classic” dispensationalists held, or hold on to, their Calvinist traditions.


  2. Amy says:

    Amen, Hal! Especially #6.

    And you could add that Calvinism “Creates CON-fusion, and, frustrates the GRACE of God, and UN-simplifies the gospel of the grace of God!”


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