A Brief Meditation on Meditation

Meditation. This operation based upon the use of the inward faculties and systems has different ideas concerning it. The distinctions are based upon who you ask: the philosopher, psychologist, or natural therapist. Meditation has been hijacked by heathenism and hedonism. Although it is recognized to have been practiced for thousands of years everyone has their own ideas of it. Ideas of emptiness circulate meditation. The reason for meditation is often circular – “meditate to meditate and when thoughts creep in just get back to meditating.” There are some good concepts in the psychological ideas of meditation, but they are vanity because they miss the objective for meditation. Meditation is for the purpose of intimately engaging the knowledge of God the Father and His Son which is granted by the Spirit of God to exact such knowledge upon thy heart and yield to its direction with forethought of its potential use of the body. In a world where our heart is tugged in hundreds of places, where there is ample provision for our flesh, where winds of thoughts toss us to and fro it is easy to be spiritually moved, be full of care, inwardly weak, and feebleminded. By the time we figure out where our hearts have wandered from the path of God another whim takes the lead of our heart, subtilty disguised as the way; yet, in reality has led us to wander once more. The vicious cycle is depressing.

The problem is two-fold – 1) the diversion from the source of strength, direction, wisdom, and 2) the diversion from the communion of that source and where it belongs – our heart. The stratagem of diversion may seem surprising. The distraction from the source and from communion is the same. The bombardment of the earthly through air mediums divert us from the source of God’s Word. But when we have accessed the Word of God the same diversion is used to hinder the effectualness of such power. Meditation is a God given operation built into every man, but only to the believer does it work to not leave us barren. Meditation is against itself when occupied by the world, but is to fulfill its purpose for the believer that uses it.

My hands are a ready writer about this issue, but I will only use a small space here. Meditation is as the ox that chews the cud. Meditation is as the tea bag that steeps to make the hot water into tea, a more savory drink. Meditation is infusion of what has entered the mind into the heart. Meditation is the function of the inner man yielding to glory and submitting to its power to change the heart from which come the issues of life. Meditation is keen focus, the honing of the inner man upon the object of all objects – Jesus Christ. Meditation is the digestion of the ingested Word through study to translate it for the hearts use.

We are to have the pot of our heart simmer the Word of God. As the wood burns before the flame to the breakdown of the hotter and steady coals to burn longer, so the Word of God burn before the flame of meditation to be the steady fervency of our inner man. Our hearts were given to fellowship and commune with God, to ponder the height, length, depth, and breadth of the fulness of God, to set our affection upon the preeminent things above not the shameful things on earth, to thus have our profit appear to all as His glory will in ages to come. My chant over recent years has been read, read, read – study, study, study these we must do and not neglect but with all our reading and studying get meditation and behold His glory, be changed into His image, taste the sweetness for your soul, and your profit will appear to all because it will be His appearance.

Look Up,

Josh Strelecki

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