The Hope of His Calling

            Hope is fickle and vain when it is temporary. Therefore, all that the natural man could categorize under the umbrella of his hope is ostentatious. The natural man glories in the carnal as if it is eternal. Thus, the natural man is ignorantly gaudy. For some they look forward to carnal things by not working but riding the coattails of others. Others look forward to their hard-earned money to be spoiled on alcohol to receive some drunken, yet fleeting state, all to be replicated with next weekend’s paycheck. For others nobler, money is to be exercised by investment. A wealth of investments, creating a portfolio, for wealth’s sake, or for the exertion of pleasure from an abundance of things, or nobler still for a heritage. Yet with the various attitudes, causes, reasons the natural man is looking to obtain his hope in their lifetime. The problem is that such hopes of the carnal man is, whether they are obtained or not, they will be short-lived. Such hopes lose their expectation and radiance when they are wasted and swallowed up by death. They will stop being enjoyed, used, and possessed upon your last breath. The vicious cycle of further obtainment, more attainment but to be disappointment for their lack of fulfillment isn’t hope, but vanity.

“…hope that is seen is not hope.”

{Romans 8:24b}

This holy writ concisely states hope that is seen is not hope. To see with the eyes that which this world has to offer is not hope. To hear with your ears that which the world heralds is not hope. To feel with your senses that which the world textures is not hope. To experience what the world presents is not hope. No eye hath seen, nor ear heard, nor heart has known our hope, the substance of which God has prepared. Death bookmarks these hopes. Death makes these hopes temporary. True hope extends beyond that which is bookmarked by death. Hope that is hope makes all things new. Hope is hope because it is authored and genesised (that is, “has its beginning”, I made it up) by resurrection. Any glimpse of hope today can only be seen with the eyes of understanding. With the eyes of faith we cam know our hope.

Moreover, we can know this hope because God has graciously disclosed the counsel of His will. God has counseled and has been working all things after this counsel. His knowledge was and is, His wisdom works out knowledge with best use, prudence prepares for danger and provides to conquer them, and time (not death) is God’s self-imposed deadline to willfully fulfill the purpose of His knowledge and wisdom. The lack of fulfillment of that which He has purposed, and the revelation of His purpose is the ground of our hope. Moreover, the principle of our hope is the expectation of the fulfillment of His will; that is, His hope begets ours.

If you were to know the Father of glory, the God that cannot lie, you would know His course; that which is of Him, through Him, and to Him. If you were to know the hope of the Father’s calling, you’d possess true hope. If you were to know the hope of His calling, you’d bear within your soul hopes’ fruits – strength, peace, comfort, and steadfastness. Know His hope and have the vehemency to labor in the Lord because your labor isn’t in vain when it cannot be swallowed up by death, rather it is glory. Therefore, know Him, know the hope of His calling – for Him and His are worthy knowing. One day soon hope will not abide, but our expectation will be our reality and His purpose with us will be fulfilled as our state in His eternity!

Look Up,

Josh Strelecki  


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