J.C. O’Hair’s Christmas Poem

The Christmas season is again at hand,

With thoughts of Christ in every land;

The Christmas message again we’ll hear,

The songs of Christ Who brought good cheer;

The Lord of glory, God’s gift of love,

Who left His home in heaven above.

We’ll sing and tell the Saviour’s birth,

How He dwelt with men on earth.

Redemption’s story, God’s own plan,

The Lord Himself in form of man;

Yes, lower than the angels made,

In Bethlehem’s manger Christ was laid;

The virgin’s Son, the King Divine,

In David’s house the royal line;

Conceived as was no other child;

The Seed of woman, undefiled.

God’s ancient prophets, holy men,

Foretold Christ’s work by mouth and pen.

Christ came these Scriptures to fulfill,

He came to do His Father’s will.

He left His heavenly home on high;

He came on earth to serve and die.

His mission was to seek and save:

He suffered much; Himself He gave.

On Calvary’s cross the Saviour died,

By wicked men was crucified,

But God foreknew this awful crime:

It was His own appointed time.

The death of Christ was by God’s grace

That He might save the human race;

Save lost sinners, every one

Who will believe on Christ the Son.

Then God raised Him from the dead

To make His Son the living Head;

The living Christ on heaven’s throne

Is interceding for His own.

Because Christ lives and intercedes

God supplies the Christian’s needs.

Because Christ’s there within the vail,

The Christian’s anchor cannot fail.

When you know what God has done

Why do you reject His Son,

Despise His grace and spurn His love,

And miss a home in heaven above?

Believe God’s Word, accept God’s way;

‘Tis worse than folly to delay.

Christ will save you from your sin

And give you joy and peace within.

And then from condemnation free

A Merry Christmas yours will be.

When you yourself have thus been freed

You will believe man’s greatest need,

In this world so filled with strife,

Is God’s free gift-eternal life.

And all who take what God will give

Shall with Christ forever live.

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