The Anvil of God’s Word

I was blessed to be part of a Cowboy Camp youth ministry, several years ago. During that time, I memorized several Cowboy Poems and would recite them, at our Camps and other functions.

One of those poems was “The Anvil of God’s Word”. I especially liked this poem, since I had also been involved as a hobbyist blacksmith and farrier (trimming and shoeing horses). The blacksmith’s anvil and forge fire serve as a wonderful illustration of how the Word of God is able to shape our lives into who God would have us to be, as useful instruments in His service.

The poem speaks to the enduring nature of God’s Word, in spite of the adversary’s policy of evil against it, down through the years.

May this short video remind us of the great treasure we have! The written Word which tells us of the Living Word!

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