Christ – The Firstborn from the Dead

The idea of resurrection is fantastical. A concept of myth and legends. Resurrection stands in contrast to that which we commonly and naturally experience and see. Death governs our life. It produces fear, marks decisions, and encourages us to lay hold on this life – this life before death. Yet, resurrection although may be legend and false to some, yea most, for us resurrection is rooted in true history and undeniable and infallible proof. Jesus Christ is the resurrection and the life. He is the way, the truth, and the life. In Christ, all things have become new, and His resurrection makes this so. Resurrection assumes death and it’s there where we begin, although it isn’t where God began! Bodily resurrection is a means to God’s eternal purpose in Christ. Christ would willingly give His life and take it up again so that the Father’s will would be done.

We, as Adam’s sons and daughters, inherit from our earthly father – death. Life unto death, thus death reigns in this family. Life unto death is because of our natural father’s sin. Yet, Christ one with the Heavenly Father would declare the Father and manifest the divine family. He would provide for miserable and poor sinners, those alienated from His life, that they may become the sons and daughters of God. Thus, Christ would build His Father’s house. He would take on sin and death for us that He would be the firstborn of many brethren. He would take up His life again in resurrection and usher in an eternal reign of life. By His work of righteousness, He provided for death unto life. It behooved Christ, it became Him to make Himself of no reputation, to take upon Him poverty, to be obedient unto death, even the death of the Cross – to die for us that we may inherit the fruit of His preeminence – eternal life. Thus, life reigns in this family and each son and daughter reigns in His life.

Christ, the firstborn from the dead, is the Lord of glory. All power and judgment have been given to Him at the right hand of the Father. He rose from the dead so that He might have preeminence. He is the King eternal, who only hath immortality, to whom be honor and power everlasting.

The resurrection of Jesus Christ isn’t fantastical but remarkable. Resurrection is truth. Resurrection produces hope, comfort, expectation, and longing. Resurrection quickens the mind and heart with the eternal – it understands there is this life and one to come. The resurrection teaches that this life is Christ and the one to come is gain. Resurrection exhorts us to not cling so tightly to this life to be a token of resurrection for those that do. Resurrection would have us lay hold on eternal life. Resurrection oversees that our labor isn’t in vain but rewardable – not perishable but glory. Resurrection swallows up death in victory dealing finally and completely with its’ sting and grave. Resurrection takes us from dishonor to glory, from weakness to power, from corruption to incorruption, from earthy to heavenly. The resurrection of the Lord Jesus Christ alters the value of all things. The rich here are poor considering heaven’s glory. The wisdom of the world is nothing to the wisdom of the resurrected Christ. Resurrection freely gives us all things. All the suffering we experience in life and death becomes ours, to be overcome, when compared with resurrection. In truth, that which belongs to Him is far better than the best now. He is risen – risen indeed!

Look Up,

Josh Strelecki, Pastor-Teacher

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