Let Me Be


Why is it Lord that you should hear my call?

My heart is obstinate and hard as a wall,

I do my own thing and pleasures for me,

Always saying to God, just let me be,

But as the heartaches of life start to bring me down,

I look for help and I look about town,

The world has not the answer nor the power,

Where do I look, where do I go in my needful hour?

Am I like everyone else and hold out to the end?

Not humbling oneself and going along with the trend,

Are we so afraid to really search and to see?

To open that blessed book is the answer key,

It reveals God’s love and grace to us all,

There is only One that can rescue from the fall,

What is His name? His name is Jesus the Lord,

He paid the price that we could not afford,

His shed blood cleanses from all my wrong,

And I will forever sing His redemption song.

By Scott Snyder

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