The Sermon on the Mount, exposing Israel’s vain religious system.

The Sermon on the Mount exposing Israel’s vain religious system

The four aspects of Zechariah’s instruction to “ behold” their Messiah.


my servant the BRANCH = Mark

Zechariah 6:12Behold the man whose name is The BRANCH; = Luke

Zechariah 9:9 behold, thy King = Matthew

Zechariah 13:7 against my shepherd,and

against the man that is my fellow, saith the LORD the God-man = John

Isaiah 11 King 40 God 42 Servant 50 Man

Matt. 1:1 the son of David = 2 Samuel 7:11-14 Isaiah 7:13-14, 9:4-7

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essential fundamental corrective doctrine for members of the believing remnant so they can be

doers of the law in truth, so they can be rewarded by their Father, their heavenly Father when

the kingdom is established so they have the possibility of being great in the kingdom

Matt 5:17 The Law is the first 5 books of the bible

Luke 16:16 What was before John ?? the Old ___________________________________.

Matt 5:18 – jot the smallest letter of the Hebrew alphabet

Tittle a small projection below the foot of some letters of the Hebrew alphabet

Matt 5:19 posions in the Kingdom

Matt 5:20 I am that I am

avoid the possibility of not having entrance into the kingdom right away once it is established

Outer darkness Matt 8:12 , 22:13 , 25:30

Matt 5:27-28 Jesus is pointing out it starts with the heart.

Matt 15:18-19

Mark 7:21

its just not dealing with the issue of the physical lust but the inordinate sexual lusts but it’s dealing with any of the inordinate lusts of the eyes and lust of the flesh and those associated with the pride of life which is the main reason why he brings this one up here because it’s one of the more comprehensive of them all it covers all the inordinate affections and lust of the eyes, lust of the flesh and pride of life and in connection with that that’s why the Lord goes on here in verse 29 and verse 30 and says,

Matt 5:29-30 = Isaiah 33:1-2

we do talk about some one being some ones right hand man and we also saw already the issue of the right and the left used in connection with positions of authority and great honor and privilege associated with that when James and John came to the Lord and he talked about setting on his right hand, sitting on his left hand and you can go back in the prophets and look at the issue of those under David and those under Solomon and the kings that followed after that were promoted to set on the right hand of the king there and of course the Lord Jesus Christ sitting at the right hand of the Father and there’s terminology back there and the use of that similar expression back in the prophets in connection with the man of sin and it talks about his right eye and his right arm and so forth there when it comes to the right eye you’re talking about the most prized lust of the eyes. The right eye concept is the issue of something you see that is highly prized by you and you really desire it and want it and often times there’s envy and jealousy associated with it as we’ll see in a few minutes and the same applies to the issue of the right hand, the issue is the prize lusts of the flesh and the pride of living you’ve got to have that thing and you’ve got to have your hand on it and be known of the fact that you possess it and that it’s part of you and it belongs to you, that type of thing. And what you need to have and appreciate for here is that’s a big issue in Israel’s vain religious system, the issue of the prestige associated with being a Pharisee, the prestige of being associated with being a scribe, the prestige associated with living in Jewry and not Galilee, the prestige of being an Hebrew of the Hebrews, the prestige of not having any tainting in your genealogy


Matthew 6:19-20

He’s always getting to the heart cause as were dealing with the righteous commandment out of the heart proceedeth these type things and when it comes now to the issue of them being able to handle the issue of possessions and not be tempted when they see the riches and the prosperity of the wicked not only during the fourth installment but actually increase in the fifth installment when they see it not for their right eye to offend them or right hand to offend them they’ve got to get the proper understanding in their heart and they’ve got to get a proper understanding of riches and they’ve got to understand a treasure that exceeds that of earthly treasures and the Lord’s dealing

Matthew 6:21

We’re dealing with the eye right now, the right eye and we’re dealing with the whole body concept and he’s going to deal with it again. Notice the context he’s dealing with is the same concept back there in Matthew 5, although it’s more pointed right now focusing upon the treasure issue, but its still focusing upon the issue of something they would desire to possess and have a lust of the eye, lust of the flesh and pride of life concept and the treasures their use to thinking about and the treasures that are made a big issue in Israel’s vain religious system are material treasures that’s why later on when the Lord deals with the Pharisees and takes them on he talks about those that were covetousness and were right and derided others and they view their riches as a sign from God and a blessing from God upon them indicative of their betterness than others and they sought that kind of treasure. The truth of the matter is especially during that fourth installment and the fifth installment to come these members of the remnant are going to have to be without anything on their own and they’re going to have to count upon the issue of God’s Jehovahness here providing for them doing a repeat type performance as he did back there when he brought them out of Egypt and produced water in the wilderness, food in the wilderness, they’re going to be especially doing that in the last three and one half years of that fifth installment, but during those first three and one half years and especially during the first part of those three and one half years they’re going to see the elite in Israel and the members of the vain religious system in Israel not only rich and prosperous but continuing to prosper and to lay up treasure after treasure after treasure for themselves. In fact that’s one of the schemes of the man of sin to completely dupe them during that time, he’s going to ram sack three of his own members of his confederacy of nations and give the spoil of that to Israel; Daniel describes it and these members are going to see the right hand and the right eye of the man of sin and they’re going to see the right hand and right eye of the members of the apostate element in Israel and anybody else who is not a member of the believing remnant going along with all that and they’re going to see treasure amass and every thing and they’re going to have the opportunity to participate in all that and they’re going to have it promoted to them and presented to them as come on, come on be a part of this, renounce all that stuff you’ve been talking about and everything like that, don’t you see the foolishness of it all, look at what we’ve got here, and their going to have two masters before their eyes that’s why the Lord will deal with it here 24,

Matthew 6:24

Matthew 6:22-23

That darkness comes from Israel’s vain religious system, it teaches the lust of the flesh, the lust of the eye and the pride of life and right now their eye isn’t single, it needs to be single and focused upon the corrective doctrine and see in the corrective doctrine the real treasure issue which is the issue of being the doer of the law in truth and pleasing their Father which is in heaven, he’ll reward them openly when he comes out there. The Lord knows that this corrective doctrine is at logger heads with the light that is in them which is in truth darkness and he’s providing the corrective doctrine that’s true light so that their whole body can be full of light.

Psalm 15

Psalm 24

Isaiah 33:1-2

In general Isaiah has the fifth course of the fifth installment punishment is in view, the day of the Lord in view once again, and the issue of God providing deliverance and avengement the two mandates of the Davidic covenant will be taking place and implemented during the Lord’s day there

Isaiah 33:3-6

There’s a particular treasure that he Lord is after as he sights in Matthew chapter 6 that is effectual out in the fifth installment. He says to the remnant you can’t serve two masters, he wants them to fear him and serve him and that’s the members of the remnants treasure where moth doesn’t corrupt and thieves don’t break through and steal and doesn’t rust and all this kind of business and he will reward them openly out there with it and he will open up his treasury for them in the kingdom, but what I’m after is that’s the concept here and you’re dealing with the same type of issues. Here in a prophetic sense here in Isaiah chapter 33 that the Lord is dealing with the members of the remnant with that time right around the corner on their program.

Isaiah 33:7-8

He’s talking about the man of sin there, “he hath broken the covenant, he hath despised the cities, he regardeth no man.” Israel was duped.

Isaiah 33:9-10

Verse 10 takes place at the mid-point of the Tribulation.

Isaiah 33:11

He’s talking about the vain religious system.

Isaiah 33:12-14

And in chapter 6 there in Matthew we know exactly who those hypocrites are, the members of the vain religious system

Matt 5:48, “Be ye therefore perfect, even as your Father which is in heaven is perfect.” And by the way the power for them to do that very thing is what they become full recipients of the corrective doctrine

Matthew 6:1-5 There’s hypocrisy in connection with prayer. Come on down to verse 16.

There’s hypocrisy in connection with fasting. All three of these acts of piety godliness are hypocritical acts in the vain religious system. I also want you to know one other thing and that’s just to underscore something that we underscore as we go through this all the time notice that the corrective doctrine is provided so that these members of the remnant can be rewarded out there in the kingdom, that’s the issue. The issue is not their justification unto eternal life the issue is them being rewarded as justified members of the remnant of Israel or not, but they are still justified remnant members of Israel or not, but they’re still justified members of the remnant of Israel.

Deuteronomy 15:7,

the fact that the response to the alms giving, the godly deed of alms giving is to come from a godly heart that thinks like God does in connection with the poor. Verse 8 through 11,

Matthew 6:3-6

This takes place when the kingdom is established. Verse 6 in connection with prayer

Reward thee openly” out there in the kingdom. Fasting, verse 17 and 18,

Reward thee openly” out there in the kingdom. Keep in mind the issue all the time is the issue of these members of the remnant having rewards out there in that kingdom, being least to greatest or have no rewards at all

the issue of unintelligent or just stupid prayer.

Matthew 6:7-9

Micah 4:6-8 Thy Kingdom

Ez. 33:16 Daily Bread

Matthew 6:10-12

Matthew 18:21-35

Matthew 6:13-15

Matthew 9:2-6

Mark 11:25-26

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